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Lonesome Spur Ranch

Lonnie Schwend
121 Schwend Road
Bridger, Montana  59014
Phone: 406-662-3460
Cell: 406-426-4435
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Help doing some branding and gathering of cattle but this activity is dependent on weather permitting – we cannot brand or gather in wet weather please be aware of this.


Cody Nite rodeo starts 1 June thru end of August, our guests get the opportunity to go once a week to see the rodeo, explore the historic town of Cody- founded by the famous Buffalo Bill!

We also have 100,000 acres of various landscapes to ride in both mountain and high desert trial rides. The home ranch is approximately 400 acres so we will be trailering guests and horses to some of our riding areas. In addition to everyday ranching activities, we also offer our guests the opportunity of participating in weekly horseback activities team penning, sorting, barrel racing and poles.Our wranglers will also be happy to teach you how to rope our roping dummies. Every week in the summer month’s our guest’s will help gather in the roping steers from the pastures, sort and check them, later in the day the wranglers will team rope the steers.


Is usually a great month to see more wildlife during our beautiful fall rides and can be cooler than our summer months. We will also start to gather cattle from the mountain pastures from Mid-September. We have a special horse whispering clinic.


We also have a weekly mountain one night overnight camp trip – weather permitting.

The timing of all rides may vary depending on weather conditions and temperatures and may depart either with an early morning start or later in the evening when temperatures are more suitable for the safety of our guests and horses. We also need to make our guests aware that it is the ranch owner’s decision when to make changes to a ride and if ground conditions are dangerous for the guests and horses, ride may be cancelled and other ranch activities will be offered instead if possible.


Can see us gathering cattle in mountain terrain, as well as some daily rides in the high desert. The Nile Stock Show, pro rodeo and horse sale is in October. We will be attending the evening Ranch rodeo and will also go to the rodeo later in the week. We will leave mid-morning to attend the horse sale and other Nile events and horse clinics. The VIP dinner before the Rodeo in the early evening is optional for guests. This takes place in the early evening and is followed by the by the rodeo itself.

Many of our guests we see during the year are returning visitors from previous years. If you are new to Lonesome Spur and ranch life, we would very much like to welcome you in your first true western adventure.

We hope to hear from you soon.