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Riding in Montana's Wild West with the Ghosts of the Seventh Cavalry! In search of the rough edge of Wild West history, Max Wooldridge herds cattle in Montana and explores the battlefield where General Custer fell. Article & Video! OR VIDEO Only!

Anja & Joe - Germany

Thank you for a great vacation on the Lonesome Spur Ranch. It was an unforgettable experience, fantastic landscape and great horses. Thanks to everybody for being so nice and helpful. We'll be back again soon!

Donalda Noble - Scotland

Many thanks for a wonderful holiday. I have thought of horse riding in Montana for years and it lived up to my expectations. The scenery is amazing, I loved it! Elaine it was lovely of you to spend the time with me to get my confidence back at horse riding. I hope to do more when I get back. Thanks to Nicky and Brandon and the rest of your friendly crew.

Mandy - London

WE have very much enjoyed our stay at the Lonesome Spur Ranch. I came as a complete beginner, and wtih the help of Lonnie, Elaine and the wranglers Chase, Brandon and Nicky, I have had a fun week riding. I have ridden both Diamond and Pelle and felt safe and comfortable on both. I enjoyed the 2 day camp very much. All the other guests have been so helpful. The scenery around her is amazing and I felt so relaxed. Thank you all.

Ian - London

As new rider it was a great break, everyone was so friendly and relaxed. We did a lot of hiking in the Beartooth Mountains which was great!

Martyn & Jane Thompson - England

Thank you for an unforgettable week, especially the long Pryor Mountain cattle drive.

Alex G

To Lonnie and Elaine and your wonderful staff... My fifth visit and the magic never fades, great people, great horses, great food and rounding up cattle, what more could anyone want from a ranch holiday! I will be back for a sixth visit to this beautiful part of the the country.

Linda F

A huge thank you for such an amazing holiday week! I've been dreaming of spending time in Montana for years-- it's been better than I could ever have imagined, my memories will stay with me forever! I've leaned so much and met some wonderful people, I will definitively be back!


Great staff, great location and scenery, great horses especially Lucky! I have had a wonderful time, thank you to everyone.

Corrina,Rebecca, Laura, Sarah and Louisa - Sept 2010

We had an amazing week, we managed to fit everything that we wanted to do, team penning, barrel racing,rodeo, Indian reservation, and a grueling 12 hr ride cattle drive was fantastic. We loved our cabin, dogs and the horses were classy. We are especially thankful to the wranglers for their patience and making us laugh and to Lonnie and Elaine for making us so welcome. Mike your cooking was the BEST. We have had the week of our lives.

Julie and Dave - Sept 2010

As two of the most novice riders you have ever had, we can honestly say we have had the best adventure of our lives. Thanks so much for your hospitality particularly to the wranglers for being so patient and making us laugh until we cried!! Wonderful food, Excellent!

Mathuis and Catherine - Sept 2010

This vacation was way above our expectations, we learned so much! All your staff worked so hard to make this week perfect for us! And Yes, we will be back!

Mariani family - Aug 2010

We had a truly memorable and enjoyable holiday under ""Big Sky"" Montana. It was great fun for us to learn all about western riding. The children have definatly decided it's the best holiday they have ever had-- my son may be coming back to learn the ropes when he is older!!

Jeanette and Nigel - July 2010

Many many thanks to Lonnie and Elaine and their wonderful wranglers for a fantastic week. WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!!

Christina - July 2010

Dear Lonnie and Elaine, had a fantastic week here at the ranch! Much better than I could ever have imagined, thanks for making me feel right at home and getting to be a cowgirl for the week.

Scott, Paul and Liam - July 2010

Thanx for an amazing experience, the sites and scenery were breathtaking, horses and wranglers were fantastic, felt confident and safe at all times. Every minute was an adventure.

The Fransis Clan - June 2010

Lonnie, Elaine and all the wranglers
Thank you so much for everything that you have taught us, especially for making us feel that we belong here! Each and everyone of you are special and we shall carry you in our hearts-- straight back to Africa! See you all again in 2011.

Judy and Peter W - JUNE 2010

We have visited many places around the world and been lucky enough to stay in some smart places. Never have we come across such warm and caring people to welcome and look after us. It was really good to come at the same time as Marc Dixon , we have both learned much about horse whispering and this lovely area of Montana, it's people, horses and hospitality, thank you to Lonnie and Elaine and all the wranglers at Lonesome Spur.

Ali T - JUNE 2010

What can I say!! I don't know where to start as to the most amazing experience I have had I want to thank Elaine and Lonnie and all the staff especially the great wranglers for making my two week trip to the ranch, the best experience of my life. It has been a personal journey for me and I have learned so many things about life as well as the riding. I have regained my confidence I had when I was a child, I made some friends for life-- the ranch sisters! You'll never know how much I'll miss you all. Lots of love!

Kay & Emma - May 2010

Words can't describe how magical this trip has been. It's been a truly life changing experience. Lonsome Spur will stay forever in our hearts. Thank you for making our stay so special for us.

Jan & Lee K - May 2010

We had a FAB time on the ranch from ridign to branding to rounding up cattle, lots of memories that neither of us will forget.



Jo Diamond - September 08

Thanks to Elaine, Lonnie, horses and dogs at the Lonesome spur for making this a trip of a lifetime! So many highlights it's hard to fit in one page. Every single day (and night) has been filled with amazing adventures from pushing cows to swimming in the mountain lakes, getting down to see the rodeo or dancing the night away at Montana Chads. Lonnie and Elaine - you have gone that extra mile to make my holiday filled with special memories.

Thank you , thank you, thank you!! We have just lived the dream, we were cowboys or should we say cowgirls. The horses were lovely, the scenery was stunning and the hospitality homely. We have ticked all our boxes, And then, we were lucky enough to be here while Marc THE HORSE WHISPERER did his stuff on some young  unhandled horses.  ---- TRULY AMAZING.

Cathy Brown - July 08

loved the horses, loved the scenery, loved the cowboys and cowgirls, but where else can you ride in the mountains,  push cows all day and then sit and eat out by a campfire and sleep under the stars by a waterfall to lull you to sleep! Heaven

Guy Bartlett - June 08

Choosing a new ranch is like a step in to the unknown, you hope for good food, good company, good horses, good scenery, a feeling of achievement in driving cattle, a few good laughs and a feeling of safety and management. I have just had a wonderful week where the Lonesome Spur has provided everything I wanted in abundance! Thank you all for a good time.

Jim (Jimmy) McGrann - May 08
Hi folks, I'd just like to re-iterate my thanks for the great time I had at the Lonesome Spur, I had hoped to get immersed in the ranch lifestyle which you facilitated no end. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the daily chores, interacting with the staff and animals, the purposeful rideouts checking on cattle and water tanks etc.. was great, the scenery was beautiful, the cattle drive and branding was definitely the highlight of my time there, although the branding was hard work it was incredibly enjoyable, if any prospective guest is reading this then I recommend that you get fully involved, don't just sit and watch, take part and enjoy, the staff are so helpful and nice, so be nice to them and more importantly be nice to your horse.

Louise - May 07

Thanks for a wonderful holiday week, I've learned so much in a short time and you have given me lots of advice and confidence. This  really is a special place and I would love to come back.

Sue Gilford -May 07

Had a wonderful time hope to see you all next year again

Wilson Marks - June 07

I had an absolute blast, having never ridden a horse before I arrived I was a bit nervous but you made me feel comfortable and confident the entire week. Everything this week was fantastic and I have to go, I would love to come back and bring my family. Now that you have shown me the joy  of riding, I don't think I will be able to stop. Thanks again for everything especially the meals, I  had to loosen my belt a notch or two!

Gillian -June 07

Thanks for an experience of a lifetime, thanks fr being patient with all of us, we will keep in touch with newly made friends

Jack and Trish - July 07

We had a great week here, it is some of the most beautiful country I have seen and experiencing it on horseback was amazing. I appreciate the opportunity to rope and ride different horses. We would love to come back some day.

Patti - July 07

this trip was incredible, the opportunity to learn and experience Montana ranch life was amazing. I will never forget the Pryor mountain wild horse range visit, Thanks for your gracious hospitality.

David and Emily - August 07

Emily and I had a great 10 days at the Lonesome Spur, good company, good food and good horses, what more could people want! Lonnie and Elaine you have great horses and dogs and it was really nice to see the care that you take of these. Elaine thanks for guiding Emily through the Rodeo and for the visits that you arranged. One regret!! I can't take Lucky with me, but maybe I can figure a way given time!!

Holly and Andrea - August 07

Thanks for the best week of horse riding of my life! It was a brilliant experience and everyone went out of their way to accommodate our needs. Everyone showed great patients especially with our cattle moving skills, I look forward to trying out my roping shills when I get back home!

The Lloyd family - Aug 07

Well, we brought the rain with us from England, but even being caught in a big thunderstorm in Cottonwoods was memorable. We liked our cabins, the scenery, the horses, the golden eagles, deer, the wild mustangs, Cody nite rodeo, Mikes first bare-back ride and much more! Jackpot, Honeybear, Lucky and Two Socks were very popular!

Alison - Sept 07

I don't know where to start! For great fun, fab horses ( Especially to Rebel who taught me how to trust again) fantastic food. I shall miss you all.

Kate - Sept 07

Big thanks for wonderful week, fab people, great horses and Mike (aka the rattle snake man!!) was OK TOO!! Don't want to go home, but will be back soon, thanks to the other great guests who made the week groovy.

Clare and Florence - Sept 07

Thank you all so much for making this an amazing holiday, we feel such a big part of Lonesome spur and it is hard to believe we were only here for two weeks. Lonnie and Elaine thanks for being fantastic hosts and helping us discover our inner cowgirl. Really going to miss all your great horse, especially lucky, Pella and Oreo speed wagon! Mike, you know we love you! It's been non-stop laughter, we will be back!  

Jacqui and Sue - Sept 07

Thanks for the wonderful stay,wonderful rides, wonderful horses, cows, bulls, snakes, guests, food and outings. am even more in love with Montana now! Thanks for all the hospitality. We have made some great friends and really hope to return soon.  

Caroline and Marie - Sept 07

thanks for making us real cowgirls!!

Heidi - Sept 07

Thanks for a really wonderful week, great horses, scrumptious food and great company! I experienced lots of new things, horse sales, rounding up the steers, dancing with Lonnie etc. I will never forget, special thanks to Mike for his patience and humor I've had a great week!

Edward and Carolyn - Oct 07

In our room there is a plaque saying " A dream is a wish from the heart" Well you made that dream come true! We had a fantastic time, great company, great scenery, wonderful horses (especially Oreo) We will definitely be back, thanks also to Mike for explaining why he can't have 5 WIFE'S!!!!!!

Rod and Sandy (AKA  Mike's Mom and Dad) - Oct 07

Thank you so much for inviting us to come and spend a few days here with our son, Mike. This has been such a valuable experience for him and such a blessing for us to be able to share a little piece of his experience. We are so happy to have met you all. You are wonderful people, thanks for the hospitality.

The Shaw family - Oct 07

Julie, Well where do I start, this has been the most amazing holiday. Lonnie and Elaine thank you for making me so welcome. Mike was fantastic and Bruce -- well what can I say-- you are so funny and Lovely. I've experienced things I never thought I would, especially the  cow preg testing day, I 've got the stained clothes to take back with me to show how much poo was on me!! Once again, thank you, your wonderful!

Alvin and Joy - 07

We had a fantastic holiday enjoyed every minute rounding up cattle, preg testing etc. The company was great food excellent, sad to be leaving, thanks to Lonnie ,Elaine, Mike and  Bruce, remember you always.

Jane - Oct 07

Once again thanks for a wonderful 3 weeks! I have enjoyed every ride, round-up etc. I will be in touch to see how Pella and Wrangler are coming on.LOVE TO LONNIE ELAINE AND OF COURSE BRUCE!!

Henry, Jimmy, Kenny and David
- OCT 06

Elaine and Lonnie, life here is the best with you two! Great hosts and very good people! THE FOOD WAS GREAT!!!

Paul and Yvonne - Fall 06

Lonnie and Elaine, Thanks for a fantastic week!

Karen and Ben Mackie - JULY 06

Lonnie AND Elaine - Well what can we say about this holiday. I dragged my son along for what was a lifelong ambition of mine and he had as much fun as I did!! The scenery is great, the food and hospitality are great Wish I had enough space to smuggle Spike home with me!! Western riding is certainly different to the English way and I thank the wranglers for their patience and instruction. A week is certainly not long enough and we will endeavour to return as soon as possible.


I had a lot of fun, I love you guys and gals, hopefully I will come back next year with some more roping skills! Thanks for all your help.

Jimmie Diane - JULY 06

Hi All, Jimmie and I had a great time, Amazed we made it thru the cattle drive, what a wonderful memory. Your kindness and hospitality were appreciated, the food was great. We will think of this trip often!!

Julie Kattenhorn July 06

This was a long time wish to stay on a ranch for many, many years. I found everything I longed for -and more here at he Lonesome spur. The scenery is spectacular and the people endering. Thank you Lonnie and Elaine for the lovely food and all your hospitality. The horses are wonderful and I 've learned so much just beening around them. Thank you Bruce for Driving us around Yellowstone, and just being quite funny and amusing!!! You will all be sadly missed, but never forgotten.

Peta - July 06

Yes -- we had wild dreams and high hopes of a riding holiday in Montana, and you exceeded them all!!

Ken Koehler - June 06

One beautiful week! The week more than met my expectations.The scenery was fantastic, the horseback riding was so much fun, the many side trips in to the mountains was fantastic, finally but not least the meals were awesome!!! Lonnie and Elaine, you are both great hosts! Looking forward to another return.

Tim Koehler - AUG 06

Thank you so very much for the wonderful trip, I will cherish this tip for many years to come. It was so relaxing to be able to do as you please and to work on my vacation. No phones ringing, no TV, no radio! This is truly heavens front doorstep. Life is to simple and to short to misss a trip like this.Thank you Bruce for all the travel times and laughs! Always keep life slow and straight in Gods country your friend.



Alex - Oct 06

Great food, great horses, great people, had a fantastic time and will be back again hopefully for the cattle drive

Stephen Crittenden - 19 August 2005

The 2 weeks I have spent here have been truly amazing and everything I could have wished for on my Holiday. I have delights and amazed myself by some of the things I have done over the time. Arriviving here being unable to ride, you have all been wonderful, showing me the ropes and such fun too. your hospitality, the food, and the new friends I have made here at Lonesome Spur have made it a place I will never forget. I look forward to a return visit in the future.I return home relaxed by the peace and tranquility of the Ranch and full of wonderful memories. A big thank you to you all and Big pats on the back for Holie, Rope, and DOG.

Nancy Simard

I am a French Canadian from Quebec so French is my first language. I am sitting now on the bed and thinking abvout the words I should use to express my feelings. The words don't exist yet. I arrived here stressed out and a little afraid because I work with my brain and I am not really into physical things. Well I discovered somethings about me. I just loved to feed the animals and go fetching my horse myself and brushing him. I had not sat on a horse for 25 years. You pushed me gently to try things and I discovered a hiding Nancy in me and I really appreciate that Nancy. Elaine and Lonnie , you people are so nice and generous. You made me feel right at home here You were patient with me ( a rookie) You made me laugh. I felt at ease with you all right away. This trip was a dream I had since my teens and it was my 50th birthday gift to me from me. Boy, did that dream was fulfilled! Elaine, I could never thank you enough for that trip to Cottonwood. Even with my dictionary, I couldn't find the rightwords. I will try to come back with my daughter next year. Lonnie, I just loved your sence of humour. Maybe next time I will wash the horse trailer. HA HA! Love you all!

Dorris - 12 August 2005

Elaine & Lonnie, It's sometime in 2005, I think August - I always lose track of the time and all the stresses of life when here - thanks so much for making a real homey family feeling, and a regular for years to come. Thanks for the terrific meals.

Greg Wellers

Hello Elaine & Lonnie, Thank you for providing such a warm and hospitable time. You have a very beautiful Ranch with the best animals. You and your animals have such big hearts. I wish could spend more time here. I know I will be back!

Jenny - 26 August, 2005

Dear Elaine & Lonnie, It's hard to put into a few words what being a guest at the Lonesome Spur means to me. I don't even imagine I will write a bestseller, like Nicholas Evans did, but it goes to show that this ranch truly is a magical setting for more than a novel! I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of you and your friends and family and for giving me the most amazing experience on horseback - honored to ride Cowboy - and on trips to the most remarkable, exciting and exhilerating places. So many unforgettable moments. Thank you so much. I will miss you and all the fun times that we've had. Thanks again for making a perfect holiday and a dream come true. (and being 21 !?!) With much Love and best wishes.

Ruth & Sheldon Hyman - 17 September 2005

Elaine & Lonnie, The only regrets Sheldon & I have is that we did not stay longer - but next year we will. We saw/experienced the most amazing rides, scenery . but it was you and your"family" here at Lonesome Spur, that brought us great joy, laughter, time to relax andjust "BE" {and yummy food} May blessings continue to flow abundantly your way. You are caretakers of such a splecial spot on earth. Peace!

Jim Blake - Essex England

I have been at Lonesome Spur one week and the time has just gone too fast. Made to feel at home in every way, just hope it want ber too long before I can come again. Wishing you all the very best at Lonesome Spur.

Ernst Lawsder (Big Boy) - Denmark

Dear Elaine and Lonnie, Thank you for some very good days on The Lonesome Spur ranch. I have had a great time here and hope to come back some day.

Manuela (Mann) Missana - 21 September 2005 - Germany

Dear Lonnie and Elaine, I stayed 9 days on the Lonesome Spur Ranch and the time was passing so fast. It was my first time on a ranch and I enjoyed it very much. You have wonderful horses that I'll miss as well as the big Montana sky. Thank you so much for this time.

Dee - 22 September 2005 - England

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and warmth you all have extended to me during my 3 weeks stay, also the care and understanding of why I was here, The help given to my Quest. This holiday I will never forget. It was overwhelming. Love, Light, And Rainbows! PS. See you in 2007!

Jane - 29 September 2005

The 3 essential ingredients of my Holiday have been...

1. a happy heart
2. a full summy
3. a sore bottom

...everything a girl would expect from a great break. Many thanks to Elaine, Lonnie, Ms. Mazzaredo, Bruce, Andrew and the team of doggies and horsies ( I Love King!) I know it is sad that I'm leaving but please try not to cry! PS. YIP YIP, HEY HEY

Annie Estall - Norwich, England

I have spent the last two weeks at Lonesome Spur and have thuroughly enjoyed lmy stay here. It has been my dream to stay on a ranch in Montana for several years. I am so glad I chose the Lonesome Spur - It is a true working ranch with great horses that know their work so well. Crome, has taught me so much - wish I could take him home with me, but then I would have to buy some cows as well for him to work. With all the day to day stress in life, you really learn what is important here and I have found myself again. Thank you so much Lonnie and Elaine for making me feel welcome. And for teaching m e so much. Thanks also to Mary(your cooking is fab) Jeff for taking us out and showing me the scenery and to Andrew and Bruce for winding me up and making me laugh (I will find out how pepper is really harvested) I was made to feel part of the family here from the start -- Many Thanks to Tara and Wes for inviting me to Seannah's christening, I had a lovely day - you have a very special family. I will definately return to Lonesome Spur, hopefully for a very special event in my life (Elaine, you know what mean) Thank you all so much. PS. Big kiss to Hooley.

Naomi - 6 October 2005 - Deva, England

Many thanks to you all for such lovely warmth and hospitality. Best Wishes to you Lonnie and Elaine and all the rest of family and staff - For the future. I hope I shall be able to come and visit again someday.


Hey Lonnie & Elaine, Here I am again - back to haunt you! I hope not before I come back again you will come and stay with me in Ireland. As you know I always enjoy myself here and I will see you again soon. Big Hugs, PS. I love Hooley

Renee Chabritt - 8 October 2005

Dear Everyone, Thank you so much for my beautiful (too short) stay here. Your hospitality is so warm & genuine . I'm sorry to have to leave! It's often been said that the land reflects & shapes peoples hearts minds and spirits . Here the people and land are as one - inviting, embracing, mysterious, strong and kind and loving. All the best tell next time.

Catherine Danworth - Dublin & Kentucky

Dear Elaine, Lonnie, Andrew, Rope, Snickers, Hoolie, Rowdy Fred ("Tuff") and Mancho - Thanks for a brilliant week, I had a great time! The riding was great, really nice horses. Especially Mancho! Can't wait to come back!

Andrew Watkins - 14 October 2005

To Elaine and Lonnie and everybody else at Lonesome Spur Ranch, Thanks for a wonderful time, taking us up to Yellow Stone Park, organizing the rides it was all a great adventure. Hope to see you all again soon.

Jane - 26 October 2005 - Chesterfeld Darbyshire, England

Dear Elaine & Lonnie, I am writing this with help from "snikers", who has kept me company for the past 12 nights! I only wish it could be longer hey Lonnie!! I have had exactly what I needed complete rest, if you call it that, and have un wound which is something I haven't done in some while. Although it's been an expensive visit, 2 Horses!, its been "simply the best" everyone has been the best and I really don't want to go. I know Lonnie will be looking forward to my return hopefully Feb/March 06 as he has promised to ski with Elaine and I and if he is really lucky I could come back in the fall. Seriously thanks for a great time. I've enjoyed everything including nearly parting company with "TJo" !! Hopefully next year both he and I will be better. I will be in touch to see how both TJo abd Chisholm are getting on. See you in 06! Love to you all!

Dominque Pattyn

Hello Elaine, Lonnie and Co - This being my second visit, you have shown me what living on a working Cattle Ranch is all about. You never know what tomorrow has in mind for us. It's not about riding it's just being with the horses and connecting with horse people. There is never a dull moment and this is how I like my holidays best. Thanks for having me and I hope that when I come back, I will be able to get my husband on that plane with me. Big Hug!

Jane Atkinson

Hi Elaine,Lonnie and Bruce, What a holiday! All the best things rolled into one what could beat that, nothing. My two favourite pastimes skiing and riding in wonderful surroundings. Sking at Red Lodge and riding in the Beartooth Mountains even if Chisholm deceided to take a roll in the snow with me on his back!! :oh my: Gone are my days skiing in Europe now as I can roll two holidays into one and I haven't yet skied in Bridger Bowl and Big Sky something for next year hey Elaine and what about you Lonnie! :laugh: Can't wait to come back in the Fall and see you all. Hugs to all the dogs and of course T-jo Chisholm and Herbie. See you soon. Love Jane PS Forgot my other favourite thing shopping! :laugh:

Debby - Netherlands

Hi there! I don't know if you remind me but I am the tall girl from Holland who were in Montana in 2000 for one week. Montana AND the ranch are still on my mind every week. The weather, the people the landscapes.I LOVE IT! When I arrived in May, Ana picked me up and I didn't say a lot in the first few days.but later that week I was growing and talked a lot more! Thanks for that Lonnie.because you were the one who always talked to me.When I arrived back in Holland my parents asked me what happened with me because I had grown so much! ;) I still remember the ride to Cody to take a look at the rodeo and the streetfights, I enjoyed it so much. And Lonnie.when we were at pizzahut you said to me.try the apple pie pizza Debby it is great.IT WAS GREAT!!! But when I asked here in Holland for an apple pie pizza, they looked at me like I was an alien! Haha! I just wanted to let you know that I am 22 years old right now en I am studying Economics and Marketing. When I am graduated (or maybe earlier) I have plans to come over to Montana (and the rest of the USA) because it is sooooo beautiful over there! Guys take care and I hope that I will hear (or see) from you soon. Thank you for the time of my life!!! Love, Debby P.S Ana, do you remember me?

Liz & Ed - From Philly - Philadelphia - Sept 2006

Hi Elaine & Lonnie, Lonesome Spur Family, and All the World-Wide Web, The experience you gave Ed and my dear friends and I will never be matched by anyone where ever we go! Someone said it best when they said its the warm open feeling you and Lonnie offer to each person staying on the ranch. It is genuine, sincere, and always plenty! The food was great, the horses a joy, and the work exhaustive, but we couldn't have asked for a better week. Thank you so much! God-willing, we'll see you soon. Take care and may your worries be short and your hearts full ~ Liz & Ed

Alex Gaydon - Cumbria, England

Hi Elaine & Lonnie. Thanks for a great time in August, attending the Crow Fair & Rodeo with you was the highlight of our stay. Riding in Cottonwood and the Spires with all that fantastic scenery were also something really special. Hopefully I'll see you in the fall of 2007. Best wishes to you all at Lonesome Spur.

Anne - Sunbury on Thames, UK

Hi Y'all. I've just returned from the holiday of a lifetime at the Lonesome Spur. No wonder Montana is called "Big Sky" - we certainly saw plenty of it - in Yellowstone (unforgettable - if only for the snow in September and me falling a*s* over t*t!), Cottonwood (awesome) and Grove Creek (privileged). The horses were brilliant (thank you Payla!), food was brilliant, the friends I made(Team America, Charlotte, Jenny, Angela, Freddy,Marianne et al) were brilliant but most of all, Lonnie and Elaine made it a holiday I will NEVER forget. As Arnie says "I will be back". Love to everyone, Anne