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Lonesome Spur Ranch

Lonnie Schwend
121 Schwend Road
Bridger, Montana  59014
Phone: 406-662-3460
Cell: 406-426-4435

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A week’s standard ranch package at the ranch during June, July, August and September is $1800 per person or $1500 per child (10-16 years only) for a six night stay… arriving on Sunday and departing on Saturday. Overnight camp trip included in Standard Package.

We require a 50% deposit at the time of confirmation. No refund will be given if cancellation is within one month of vacation time.

We do accept credit or debit card payment as well as bank wire transfers, final balance payments are paid either one month before arrival by credit/debit or bank wire transfer or by cash on arrival at the ranch.

Gratuity is added to your bill at 10% of your final balance.

A $200 single room supplement will be charged per week.

Refund will be given if cancellation is made at least 90 days prior to vacation time, less booking fee of $300.


Transfers to and from Billings - We offer transport to and from Billings at a cost of $150.00 per person with pickup between 1pm and 3.30pm for arrivals on Sunday and departures the following Saturday. Departure time from the ranch for transfers is 9.30 am to ensure timely arrival at airport.


No transport will be provided to off-ranch activities to guests who have their own vehicle or hired car. Guests should be aware that they will not be covered by ranch liability insurance if they choose to travel in transport other than ranch vehicles.

There will be a standard fee of $50.00 per person per week to off ranch activities for guests who choose not to use the ranch transfer pickup/dropoff service.


A deposit payment of 50% is due at time of booking.
This can be made by:
• Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit cards (Please note that a service charge will be applied for credit cards. No service charge is applied for debit cards).
• Bank wire transfer.
• Personal check (US residents only).
• Cashier check.

The remaining balance is due no later than upon arrival at the ranch. Payments made by credit card, debit card, or personal check are due at least one month prior to arrival. No means of payment will be accepted on arrival other than cash or cashier check.


We require all riding guests to ensure that they have suitable boots to ride with at the ranch. You will require a smooth soled boot with a squared heel.

We encourage guests who wish to ride in a riding helmet to bring their own. We also would like to make our guests aware that as well as our ranch stock and horses, we also have dogs on the ranch.

2016 looks to be a very busy time on the ranch. We are excited to be able to offer a holiday you won’t forget. We only take 8-10 guests at a time on the ranch, so everyone feels a part of the family atmosphere and ranching lifestyle.

The timing of all rides may vary depending on weather conditions and temperatures and may depart either with an early morning start or later in the evening when the temperatures are cooler for the safety of our guests and horses. We also need to make our guests aware that it is the ranch owners’ decision when to make changes to a ride and if ground conditions are dangerous for the guests and horses, rides may be cancelled. As the Native American rides are pre-planned, no refund is given if ride is cancelled due to weather conditions, but we will try to arrange a replacement day ride within the week if possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ranch. As we say at the Lonesome Spur, "Don’t be a stranger!”